Second Phase

The most common square footage of the Saratoga is 2,638
Other square footages reflected in MLS listings: 2,646

The Saratoga features dual master bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a great room, a den (or optional 3rd bedroom), a 2-car garage with attached golf cart storage area and a covered patio. The Saratoga is similar to the Bostonian in the first phase.

Saratoga Floor Plan

Important Note: This floor plan is not to scale. Square footage is approximate. This image is an approximation of this model and is not exact. Variations of this floor plan may exist that may not be represented in this image. Room sizes are approximate and vary by options chosen. Locations of windows, walls, doors, appliances and fixtures may vary based on optional features and elevation choice of the home. After construction, additions and changes may have altered the floor plan considerably from that shown above.

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